Mommy Must Have: Mamas & Papas


Last week I had the chance to meet the creative director of MAMAS & PAPAS, Olivia Robertson, at The London in West Hollywood. I had been introduced to this lovely brand at The Biggest Baby Shower LA and was excited to attend the tea party to hear more about this family run business and celebrate Great Britain’s favorite baby brand as their US website launches . The story of how Mamas & Papas started 30 years ago by Olivia’s parents already drew me in, but hearing the passion behind the brand from her was the icing on the cake.
When asked what she envisioned for the brand one comment stood out. MAMAS & PAPAS didn’t have to be the biggest brand, but she wanted it to be the favorite.

Listening to the thought process behind the tiniest details of products helps explains the hands on approach they are able to have with this not being a huge factory run operation. They are able to take the needs of parents and transform them into the product details. Their strollers, or “pushers” as Olivia says in her to die for accent, has a hook for a toy far enough in front so it isn’t just dangling in their face. I had to break out the octopus activity toy from the gift bag on the way home because Alaia had enough of sitting in traffic. Instead of it being just another ‘plush toy’, I was so excited it held her attention the rest of the way home because each octopus leg had something exciting for her like a crinkle sound or a squeak when pushed. A stressed baby in the car seat stresses mommy out so I really appreciated the small details!


We had the opportunity to take home the Baby Bud Booster Seat which came right in time because I had been eyeing it at Babies R Us after the Bumbo fiasco. In short, I missed the window of usage for the Bumbo of 2-4 months old when there was no reason I needed the seat so now it squishes Alaia’s thick little thighs and makes her arch her back to try and wiggle out. The Bumbo only made it a few feedings before I decided to discontinue it, but the Baby Bud however is already making feedings so much easier. I was hesitant about starting her in a high chair because she’s still so small, but she’s secure in the Baby Bud without it being tight on any parts of her body. I love that it can grow with her by adjusting the inserts as well as being able to fasten to any chair.


If any if the Grands lived on the West Coast, this could also be the perfect option to leave at their house since it doesn’t take up too much room and can attach to a chair in the kitchen. For that same reason, I may even take it with me in the car as I run into places I stop to dine at without a high chair or all of them in use! I am actually even considering purchasing the activity tray that can go on top of the tray for all of the beach trips I intend on making this summer so I don’t always have to keep my eye on her to make sure she isn’t eating sand!

Check out MAMAS & PAPAS newly launched US site for everything baby from clothes to high chairs and cribs!

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  1. Too cute for words!

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